This Yoobao Product Powers Up Your Phone Swiftly!

If there is one particular Yoobao product that everyone knows, it will definitely be their power banks. This may be a newbie player in the mobile industry but it is truly proud of its roots. The Shenzhen-based manufacturer of smart phone accessories truly stands out among its global competitors through its decent and high-quality power banks. Despite of the negative stereotype that people have in “made-in-China” products,   this tech company is doing its best in meeting everyone’s digital needs in the global market.

In fact, this particular power bank is just one of the fruits of their hard work. Revive your phone’s battery as quick as lightning with the awesome Yoobao 12000 mAh Quick Charge Power Bank!



Yoobao 12000 mAh Quick Charge Power Bank


-Has a roomy capacity of 12000 mAh that is capable of fully charging smart phones and tablets up to three times

-Designed with Yoobao’s very own 3rd generation Quick Charge Technology that allows you to charge gadgets 4 times faster than conventional charging

-Has a sleek and compact design that allows outdoor charging, anytime and anywhere

-Protects your devices from short-circuit and overcharging through its built-in smart charging system

-Supports simultaneous charging from up to 2 gadgets

-Compatible to both iOS and Android devices

-Stylish, efficient, and affordable; the Yoobao 12000 mAh Quick Charge Power Bank is truly a gem to find!


Perfect for:

Heavy-duty users who enjoys high-definition mobile games and movies while commuting


Letting your phone stay dead because it ran out of battery is not a valid excuse anymore! Make your gadgets tougher to get the maximum potential that you deserve from your gadgets now through Yoobao Philippines.

You can now get this latest and authentic Yoobao product right in your doorsteps through this online gadget store!

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